Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

This was a wonderful team building experience, I’d go again in a heart beat. It was inspiring to see people push their physical and mental limits simply by getting encouragement from the rest of the team! Wonderful staff with very creative team building activities.

Brad Hutchisson – Team Systems

Nursing requires working as a team, and we wanted a team building activity similar to what we did last year. Tecumseh Team Quest instructors presented a lot of activities that were focused on working together, communication skills, providing support, and trusting each other. We had nursing staff members and students in our group, and they will be able to take this information back to school with them and to future jobs.

My favorite experience was the Leap of Faith; this helped push people outside of their box and see how important it is to support each other and work together.

I would definitely recommend Tecumseh Team Quest to others who may need help with their teams in the workplace. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable and encouraged us to learn and do things we normally wouldn’t have as we learned more about each other and how to work together.

Lindsay Reed – University of Michigan Genesis Project Program Assistant

Dear Rick and Dave,

The Owens Corning Corporate Health Services department has been doing team building events annually for the past several years. The last two years at TTQ have been the best. I have received many compliments from the team about the value of this event. The tangible difference we take from the team building event is an ability to know ourselves as well as each other, which leads to more effective communication. We understand each other’s roles, passions, strengths and weaknesses much better, thus breaking down the walls, which in the past have prevented us from asking or offering help from each other.

It is an expectation that each OC employee document a personal development plan. This event is key in identifying and developing a meaningful plan. Some of the plans include offering affirmations, asking for assistance, requesting a team approach instead of silo endeavors.

I can’t say enough about the benefit of learning to trust each other in new ways – and the impact that has had on our team.

Thank you for your leadership.

Christopher Pawson, Manager – EAP/Behavioral Health & Life Balance Solutions

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Indian Creek Camp and Conference Center/Tecumseh Team Quest. Holy Cross Children’s Services is pleased to work in collaboration with Indian Creek in providing retreat facilities and programming for the adolescent residents of our treatment program.

The staff at Indian Creek is outstanding. Without exception, they are professional, courteous, and accommodating. I am grateful for their flexibility with the demands of our programming and the patience they demonstrate with the population we serve — adjudicated adolescent boys. They have consistently gone above and beyond in supporting the success of our programs.

I make special mention of the excellent work the staff of Indian Creek do in working with participants on their High Ropes Course and Climbing Tower. Their facilitation is confident and competent. The staff members are well-trained in the hard skills of adventure programming, and all have demonstrated effective soft skills. The interaction of the staff with our population is always encouraging and empowering.

Finally, the facilities work extremely well for our programming by allowing for interaction with the outdoors as well as providing a meeting place protected from the elements in three seasons. The facilities are well maintained and the grounds are beautiful.


Chaplain Jon Schoonmaker, MA, LLPC

Holy Cross Children’s Services

SE Johnson Companies take the TTQ challenge…

Last summer I responded to an invitation to try a team building experience at a place called Tecumseh Team Quest (TTQ). There were several parts of the invitation that made it attractive to me, including the fact that I was looking for a good team building experience for members of our company; it was close, but not too close to the office (45 minutes from Toledo); and maybe the two most important features to me, it offered a physical challenge and it was a free offer! So, on July 21, 2000, Andrea Cutcher and I traveled to Indain Creek Camp and Conference Center (in that state up north) and experienced the Ropes Course experience.

We were given an orientation to the process and then treated to a nice lunch before going out to the ropes course itself. We first experienced some of the “low ropes” challenges. Although the physical risk is low on these experiences, there is definitely still a challenge involved. Some obstacles that appeared to be impossible turned out to be achievable with some coaching, patience, and cooperation. Even enlightened, intelligent Human Resource Professionals found themselves not just learning about how to try to get others to participate as a team, but this hands-on experience got us back to being part of a team and more fully comprehending the value of teamwork. The facilitators at the TTQ also took some time to explain how they transfer the lessons learned on these obstacles to the workplace through discussion with participants.

After experiencing (and conquering, of course) some of the other obstacles that were close to the ground, we went to the “high ropes” course. Here, there is a challenge and some risk, limited, of course, by strict safety equipment. After donning our safety harnesses and getting attached to cables, those of us who chose to participate (the course is governed by a “challenge by choice” code) climbed a pole to a platform located approximately 28 feet in the air. From the platform we moved across various cable formations to platforms on other poles. While there is some team participation through encouragement in this experience, I found the value more in building self-esteem. The feeling was that if I can accomplish this, I can conquer almost anything. Of course, as you might expect, even getting down from the poles provided a challenge. There was only one route down — on a zip line that forced each of us to attach to a cable and basically jump off a platform. The lesson involved here — trust others and let go!

I was so impressed with the facility and facilitators that I suggested that our executive staff go through the experience, which they did in October. That group enjoyed the experience as well and, as a result, we will be sending others from the SE Johnson Companies through the course as well. If you are looking for a fun, challenging, meaningful teambuilding experience, I highly recommend this experience.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Bethel, Human Resources Manager – SE Johnson Companies