Working together in a business environment on a daily basis has its ups and downs, but taking a break to participate in outdoor corporate team building activities for a day can make a difference in employee morale and loyalty. Perhaps you’ve noticed some changes in your employees – an increase in mistakes, more conflicts, or too much of a laid back attitude towards customer service.

Protecting your corporate reputation is essential to survival today, and it begins with knowing your employees and empowering them to support your corporate goals and objectives. When there are problems in the workplace, corporate team building activities can often reveal opportunities for growth and solve even the simplest of conflicts.

Outdoor corporate team building activities are meant to be fun; they are designed to take employees away from the normal working environment and introduce problems or situations that they may not normally encounter on a daily basis.

What happens during off-site team building? Often, hypothetical situations are introduced to enhance the communication skills and unity needed to complete any given problem. A qualified facilitator can recognize leadership skills in certain individuals, and work with those skills during the activity, or challenge other participants to accept some of the leadership roles.

Outdoor Corporate Team Building Challenges Employees

Team building facilitators often present a problem, or a desired outcome, provide a limited supply of resources and simple instructions, and then guide the team towards accomplishment. Outside activities such as rope challenge courses, obstacle courses, wall climbing, and other physical tasks challenge employees in ways that a normal pencil-and-paper activity can’t.

Communication is critical in an outdoor activity, and can often reveal hidden traits or skills that wouldn’t be found in an office setting. One employee who seems quiet and reserved all day at the office may actually enjoy mountain climbing in her spare time, and can guide team members through challenging obstacles, if given the chance. Another employee who is often looked upon to take a leader role in the factory may actually learn some tips from others outdoors when they are put into a leadership role instead.

Challenges that a corporate team may face in a business setting can often be proactively solved in an outdoor team activity that takes them away from the normal routine, forces them to use their imagination, and work with others in a way they aren’t used to. Summary discussions help the team relate the outdoor experience to daily indoor activities, so the employees are better equipped to handle challenges when they occur back at work.

Find out how the leadership facilitators at Tecumseh Team Quest can custom design outdoor corporate team building activities for your situation and your team members.