Inspire your Team MembersAs a leader, you are ultimately responsible for your team’s progress and success. To meet your goals, you need to know how to inspire and motivate your team. This can be challenging when dealing with different personalities, areas of expertise, and opinions. If you are unsure of how to inspire your team members, start by following these recommendations.

Model What You Want

Model what you want to see in your team members. When you display honesty, integrity, open listening, cooperation, respect, appreciation, and other characteristics you want to see in your team members, they will be more likely to follow suit.

Do you want a team where members will gladly go an extra mile or ten for you? Show your team members that you are a team player; that you will work side by side with them, appreciate their input, and value their skills. This will inspire dedication, loyalty, and teamwork. They will be more likely to follow your lead and assist you on even the most challenging projects.

Don’t Sell or Tell

No one likes to be sold anything, but everyone likes to buy things. If team members feel that you are selling them a bill of goods, they will be less likely to trust your word, judgment, and leadership abilities. Be honest, upfront, and sincere if you expect those things from the team.

A dictatorial, demanding attitude will alienate your team members. Instead, discuss issues with them and promote a positive atmosphere. Be open to the ideas and perspectives of others. This promotes self-worth, a sense of accomplishment, and team spirit, among other things.

Calm, Cool, and Collected

No matter how much stuff is going on, a good team leader displays a calm, cool, and collected presence. This inspires a sense of security in team members. When members are confident that the team leader has everything under control and everyone’s best interest at heart, the team is more productive and efficient.

Everything you do can potentially encourage or discourage your team. Make a conscious effort to learn how to inspire your team members with these suggestions.