Trying to build a team and strengthen leadership roles while at the work location can be a challenge, which is why offsite team building is so effective. Some of the best strategies for building a team involve complete separation from the daily environment that employees have grown accustomed to.

Consider the challenges of internal team building exercises:

  • Assigned roles and perceived roles are still portrayed and followed because of the work environment.
  • Individual guards are up – people will not separate from their corporate façade to try something different.
  • Specific results are often forced due to time constraints and looming project deadlines that are still evident at work.

There is a better way!

Remove participants from their familiar surroundings, present them with challenges that they are unfamiliar with and are free to simply participate in, and let them grow together to solve the challenge.

By separating team members from the work environment, offsite team building presents an element of the unknown, which allows everyone an extra chance of development. Outdoor team development activities are effective because the four walls of the corporate structure are removed, and the wide-open surroundings encourage enthusiastic participation.

Independent leaders who facilitate offsite team building activities are often more effective than daily leaders within the workplace, because of their objective view of situations and problems. A trained facilitator can adjust the group activity based on the problems and challenges that surface during the activity.

Team building challenges assigned in an outdoor environment often involve activities that the typical workday doesn’t present, although a good team trainer will relate the activity to real-life application. Carrying a teammate over a roped fence may seem unrelated to a business challenge, but when presented correctly, measured against desired problems to be solved, and applied to real-world understanding, that rope exercise often remains in a team member’s mind longer than an in-house lecture or paper-and-pencil activity.

Whatever team challenges may affect your workplace; offsite team building can make a difference, when facilitated effectively. Contact us today to find out how we create totally customized offsite team building programs that work for your business.