Corporate Team Building
Develops a New Organization

Corporate Team BuildingOrganizational effectiveness is influenced by a team’s ability to interact and influence mission critical solutions. Collaboration is critical in corporate team building, and we will assist with focusing on inter-departmental team cooperation and effectiveness. We work closely with you to determine specific opportunities for improvement, and will suggest appropriate activities based on your goals.

Using a series of challenges, your teams will experience success that can only be achieved through collaborative efforts. We also transfer these successes back to the workplace through expert facilitation and planned follow-up.

 Corporate Team Building
Helps You Grow to New Levels

Seasoned teams ready to set new goals or prepare for significant projects can also benefit from corporate team building activities. Together, we explore teamwork concepts such as critical thinking, problem-solving, verbal and non-verbal communication, trust and motivation. Teams will want this program to strengthen existing group process and/or to refine their processes.

Participants will complete a personal action plan to implement. They will be challenged to become aware of the typical roles they play on the team and encouraged to venture into new roles. 

Corporate Team Building Improves Customer Service

Businesses don’t survive today unless they provide world-class customer service, and corporate team building activities can help customer service associates achieve top-notch results in this area. Fun and challenging problem-solving exercises and custom, interactive activities help your team focus on meeting the most demanding customer expectations.

Corporate Team Building Activities can:

  • Develop Team Cohesion
  • Enhance Trust
  • Enhance Team Morale
  • Enhance & Improve Planning and Problem Solving Skills
  • Improve Critical Listening Skills
  • Improve Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Increase Staff Retention
  • Improve Staff Morale
  • Increase Accountability
  • Improve Understanding and Valuing of Individual Differences and Contributions

Our Commitment to Your Corporate Team Growth

At TTQ we are committed to your ability to communicate effectively, build trust, collaborate, solve challenges, and lead. We judge our success by yours. Our refresher programs will help you to continue to reap the benefits of your investment long after your first engagement with us.

Long term coaching, goal accountability and continued team and individual growth strategies will be offered, both at your site and at Tecumseh Team Quest. Studies indicate that extended commitment to personal and professional development initiatives creates a workforce that utilizes its core strengths; seeks to continuously improve; and ultimately keeps the business at a competitive advantage, thus increasing employee retention.

We are available to come to your workplace and help your team maintain your commitments and transfer your experience with us into your own unique environment. Participants will receive coaching to revise and add to their personal action planning to ensure relevancy, as well as set future goals. Corporate team development goes beyond a one-day activity, and we can help you stay on the track of success.