Team Challenge Courses in Michigan

Team Challenge CourseChallenge Courses are our ultimate experience of the team development programs. This adventure program is designed for flexibility, and has the ability to meet your unique human resource needs.

In a challenge course, the group is presented with seemingly impossible obstacles that require a demonstration of communication, trust, decision-making, and problem solving.

Begin the Team Challenge
with an Initial Assessment

Initially, we begin with an in-depth assessment profile that will identify each team member’s strengths and opportunities for growth. Together, we incorporate the individual assessment results into practical information that team members will use to refine their roles on the team.

Low Ropes Team Challenges Build Trust

Ground-level activities are introduced, with the intent of enhancing team performance. Small groups progress through the low ropes and ground-based courses at their own pace. As a result, they work together to improve personal and team confidence, increase mutual trust and creative problem solving, and encourage more effective communication.

High Ropes Team Challenges Develop Confidence

Our high ropes challenge course is designed to help participants break through and overcome personal fears that can be roadblocks to achieving personal and team success.

The High Ropes Challenge Course and the 40-foot Rock-Climbing Tower is for participants who opt to stretch their personal growth, and reach beyond their current limitations. This course includes a series of eleven elements or obstacles, some to perform individually, and others that require the trust of a partner. Certified instructors constantly monitor safety, and assist the group in meeting their objectives.

Team challenge courses can make a difference for the confidence of your people, effectiveness of your team, and progression to your goals!