Sometimes, team building activities seem like a bunch of different games and projects. However, these activities can make a difference for introducing new team members, developing trust, and growing effective working relationships that will improve your business. These games and projects can also identify the right character traits needed for a specific team environment.

Regardless of the type or length of activity, or the age of the group participating, team building icebreakers are a great way of growing your teams’ relationship.

Ice breakers in team building are really fun ways to get to know the group around you. They can include a physical game, a written game, or even a verbal memory game. Sometimes, round-the-circle memory games help introduce team members, and help each person remember a significant fact about everyone else in the circle. Simple storytelling challenges or quick-thinking responses to everyday questions are re-emphasized by group members as the information grows during the activity.

Fun physical games often involve the entire group, even in a problem-solving situation. When used as an ice breaker team building activity, these problem-solving games help identify natural leaders and followers, as well as basic personality traits of the team members.

Ice breaker games, when used as team building activities, are also useful for opening new conversations, encouraging participation, and building community among the members. Overall, they help your group or organization to begin bonding together, in order to concentrate on more difficult activities or tasks.

Completing ice breaker games will also provide additional information that the team members can rely upon when more advanced problem solving needs to occur. An experienced facilitator can help your team identify the important take-away lessons in an ice breaker game, and apply it to further learning opportunities in additional team building activities.