Many managers recognize that corporate team building is important for business success today. A well-defined team that works well together supports the vision and mission of the corporation. However, cookie-cutter team development games aren’t effective for every situation, so team-building customization should be considered when selecting an outside facilitator.

There is a well-known saying, “If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Using the same tool or activity to solve every problem associated with your team will not provide the long-lasting results you are seeking, and will not get the commitment from team members.

Here are some tips to consider when hiring a corporate team building facilitator:

Do they conduct a needs assessment? This is critical, to understand the problems associated with the team, the background of the situation, and the desired solution.

Are they accessible prior to and after the team-building event? Team building facilitators who have a genuine passion to help businesses succeed are willing to answer your pre-event questions as well as follow up afterwards to make sure application follows through to the workplace.

Which activities are selected for the corporate group? A team building facilitator can effectively select from a variety of activities or projects to help with team building, problem solving, conflict resolution, trust building, and more. Not all activities serve the same purpose, but should be strategically selected based on the individual team challenges.

How will they conduct the team-building activities? Get an understanding of the logistics of the activities. Trained facilitators can explain the expected outcomes of specific activities, but are also prepared to adjust activities if the need arises.

Is real-life application a part of the team building activity? Trained facilitators can recognize the interaction of participants during a team-building event, and will also facilitate a conversation to help them understand the take-away lessons and opportunities they learned from the event.

Corporate team building is not the same for every organization, and finding a customized approach for your company will ensure longer-lasting results and better-individualized successes. Tecumseh Team Quest facilitators specialize in customized corporate team building, and can help solve your team problems.